Berlin Elementary Kindergarten through 5th grade gathered for their monthly Character Education Assembly on March 6.

Mrs. Demagistris, Mr. Moseley, Mrs. Witbeck and Mr. Turetsky’s fifth grade students presented the character trait of the month, Honesty.

Fifth grader and Student Ambassador President, Isabella Ovitt opened the assembly with the Mountaineer Mantra. Isabelle then asked the students gathered to share their ideas about what honesty means. Many students agreed that honesty is about always telling the truth. 

Honesty also means being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere, and the fifth grade teachers presented six short videos acted out by fifth grade students to demonstrate this trait.

Each scenario had two videos, one demonstrating a way to handle something dishonestly and the other showing an honest approach to a situation. After the first video for each scenario students were asked to identify what went wrong and how they could better approach the situation. Students were then shown the same scenario but with a way in which to handle it honestly. 

Principal Mrs. Kent thanked the fifth grade students for their excellent effort and the time they put into making the videos. 

The important character trait of Honesty made for a very engaging assembly filled with insightful ideas and comments from the students at BES.

At the conclusion of the Character Education assembly, Mrs. Kent announced March’s Merit, Mountain Guide, Mountain Climber and Mystery Award recipients. This month’s Mystery Award winners were Ms. Rontey’s third grade class for demonstrating that they are responsible, safe and respectful during the assembly.

Mountaineer Merit Winners

Dederick Bolt, Nicholas Catricala, Will Snyder, Louie Gardell, Chance Burdick, Cale Maxon, Asher Norfolk, Jace Dudley, Lilliana Killeen and Aubryana Burdick

Mountain Guides and Mountain Climbers


Mountain Guides: Gavin Church and Ireland Denue

Mountain Climber: Aidan Kelly

1st Grade

Mountain Guides: Luna Leuridan and Elizah Harrison

Mountain Climber: Mason Fowler

2nd Grade

Mountain Guide: Maya Sykes-Gundlach

Mountain Climbers: Christopher Hankey and Alania DeClair

3rd Grade

Mountain Guide: Alaina Gardner

Mountain Climbers: Jameson Hawkins and Messyah Crandall

4th Grade

Mountain Guides: Jordan Clark, McKenzie Garhartt and Emmett Smerdon

5th Grade

Mountain Guides: Amelia Faulkner and Cevin Burdick

Mountain Climber: Roman Capozzi