February’s BES Mountain Guides, Mountain Climbers and Merit recipients

Friendship was the theme of the monthly Character Education assembly at Berlin Elementary. BES kindergarten students who are forming some of their first lifelong friendships were the hosts of this month’s assembly.

Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Mason opened the assembly by asking BES students how they would describe friendship. Many students volunteered words like loyal, caring, and helpful. Mrs. Hooks, Mrs. Hannigan, Ms. Hansen and Mrs. Wilson helped the kindergartners describe how they see friendship.

Several kindergarteners read the ideas that were brainstormed with their teachers about what friendship is: “Friends are nice, play together, share, are respectful, spend time together, give hugs and high fives, are helpful, are honest and caring.”

The Kindergarteners then cooked up a recipe for Friendship Soup; one bag of kindness, 3 servings of love, 42 kinder hugs, a school of caring students, 10 high-fives, 1 dash of respect, 2 pinches of honesty, 1 pound of smiles, 2 handfuls of playing together and 1 cup of sharing.

The kindergarteners closed their thoughtful presentation with a sing-along of “The More We Are Together”.
At the conclusion of the Character Education assembly, the BES February Merit, Mountain Guide and Mountain Climber recipients were announced.

Mountaineer Merits are given out by BES staff and bus drivers throughout the month to celebrate students who are demonstrating that they are responsible, safe and respectful.

Mountaineer Merit Winners: Taylor Sroka, Alexia Hatch, Brady Goebel, Peyton Bink, Lillian Demers, Maryn Cave, Kaylin Mattison, Ben Maxon, Nick Catricala and Kiley Quetti.

Mountain Guides are students who consistently meet the expectations at school and serve as role models for others. Mountain Climbers are students who are working really hard and showing improvement to meet behavior expectations.

Kindergarten: Mountain Guides: Remington Jones and Lillian Killeen
Mountain Climber: Aiden Mallory
1st Grade: Mountain Guides: Dawson Taylor and Quinnrose Hastings
Mountain Climber: Devlin Maciong-Crimmel
2nd Grade: Mountain Guides: Alicia Kiablick and Levi Sroka
Mountain Climber: Evan Arena
3rd Grade: Mountain Guide: Joselyn Cummings
Mountain Climber: Cody Minkler and Sawyer Goodermote
4th Grade: Mountain Guide: Kaylee Higareda and Logan Lenyk
Mountain Climber: Christopher Roberts
5th Grade: Mountain Guides: Amaya Brown and Sasha Williamson
Mountain Climber: Jasmyne Daury