Kindergarten through 5th grade gathered for the Berlin Elementary monthly Character Education Assembly on January 10.

Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Healy and Mrs. Ruebel’s second graders presented the character trait of the month, Tolerance.

The second-grade teachers shared ideas about what tolerance is: learning to appreciate and enjoy people who are different than you. Also, that it involves taking a stand when someone is being intolerant, accepting that others do not have to think the way you do, and not making negative comments about others’ ethnic backgrounds, beliefs or lifestyles.

Ideas on how we can show tolerance were also discussed: avoiding judgments based on how others dress or talk, and using positive words to describe people. Also, tolerance means we try to understand others’ points of view, and that when we meet new people we should look for things we have in common.

Following the discussion about tolerance, the second graders sang “Everyone Belongs,” and by the last chorus they had the assembly singing along.

After the sing-along Mrs. Nichols read aloud the story “The Wrinkled Heart,” while the second graders acted it out. The message behind the story is that our words and our actions do matter, and choosing kindness and tolerance makes a better world for us all.

You can see the lyrics to “Everyone Belongs” here, and read “The Wrinkled Heart” here.

At the conclusion of the Character Education assembly, BES principal, Mrs. Kent announced January’s Merit, Mountain Guide and Mountain Climber recipients.

Mountaineer Merit Winners

Alison Deschaine
Emma LeBlanc
Jsai Murdaugh
Louie Gardell
Dannie Young
Nicholas Catricala
Garrett Burdick
Tyler Webster
Chance Burdick
Julia Turetsky

Mountain Guides and Mountain Climbers


Mountain Guide: Lianna Bolt
Mountain Climbers: Alexia Hatch and Aubryana Burdick

1st Grade

Mountain Guides: Jase Matthews and Alison Deschaine
Mountain Climber: Tristen MacMillen

2nd Grade

Mountain Climber: Tristyn Filipelli and Peyton Bink|
Mountain Guide: Sophia Zinna

3rd Grade

Mountain Guide: Rockim Minkler and Easton Montanye
Mountain Climber: Chloe Hart

4th Grade

Mountain Climbers: Garrett Burdick and Conner Rougeau
Mountain Guide: Alyah Varela

5th Grade

Mountain Guides: Jack Healy, Peyton Geerholt and Noah Bonesteal

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