Compassion was the Character Education theme of this month’s BES assembly. Showing kindness, showing you care and a willingness to help others were examples that were discussed during the assembly.

First grade students Haleigh Southard, Madison Miner, Jocelyn Webster, Duncan Thompson, Luna Leuridan, Erin Stott and Elizah Harrison also shared different ways in which they show compassion towards others.

Showing compassion is not only limited to people. First grade teacher Mrs. Heinrichs demonstrated this to the students by inviting Nancy Haynes from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and her special dog friends Cricket and Rex. Ms. Haynes talked to the students about the humane society and the different ways in which it helps animals in need.

There are currently 100 dogs, 200 cats and many other animals such as ferrets, guinea pigs, and rabbits under the care of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

Mrs. Heinrichs has been showing compassion for animals by helping the Humane Society for 20 years. She is making a call out to the Berlin community, which has been so generous in the past, to donate again this year. BES is currently having a drive for pet food, pet toys, shoe boxes (a favorite for kittens to snuggle in) and other pet supplies. Please review the list that was sent home and consider donating this year. Thank you to those who have donated, the animals already have some goodies under the BES trees.

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Hansen has also been hard at work with Helping Hands for the holidays and on an eyeglasses fundraiser. To date $202 have been raised toward students in need of repairs or new glasses. Thank you to the faculty, staff and community at BES for contributing to the eyeglasses drive and their donations to Helping Hands. Congratulations Mrs. Barto for winning the eyeglasses drive raffle!

At the conclusion of this month’s assembly, Merit Winners, Mountain Climbers and Mountain Guides were announced. Congratulations to all the award recipients listed below!

Mountain Climber – Caidin Maynard
Mountain Guide- Caraline Webster
Mountain Guide – Reagan Casey

1st Grade
Mountain Climber – Aidan Rontey
Mountain Guide- Erin Stott
Mountain Guide – Emma Lowell

2nd Grade
Mountain Climber – Tabitha Hurd
Mountain Guide- Demi Kormos
Mountain Guide – Alicia Kiablick

3rd Grade
Mountain Climber – Isaiah Bonesteel
Mountain Climber – Samantha Miner
Mountain Guide- Roddy Gardell

4th Grade
Mountain Climber – Eli Gorman
Mountain Climber – Jsai Murdaugh
Mountain Guide – Sydney Ward

5th Grade
Mountain Guide-Layla Yerdon
Mountain Guide- Alex Espisito
Mountain Guide – Emma Shorter

Merit Winners
Mason Homiak
Savannah Hammond
Autumn Hough
Madison Miner
Dawson Taylor Coltyn Sniger
Audrey Bruce
Otis Corbett
Ahley Harrison
Sasha Williamson