Photo of students in graduation caps and gowns, text says "attend today, achieve tomorrow. don't let absences add up"

Though our chronic absenteeism rate is greatly improved over this time last year, December, January, and February are historically our worst months for attendance. Parents, if your student is out for any medically excused absences, whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, or the flu, please reach out to the school for tutoring. We don’t want your children to miss out on any instructional time, and we are willing to help ensure they make up whatever time might be missed due to illness or appointments.

This part of the message is really directed more towards the high school students. It is the four years of high school that will determine whether you get into the college of your choice, or the job of your dreams. High School is not the time to slack off – stay focused!

Parents, please don’t forget that we are at our best as a community when we retain the right to make decisions that are localized and designed specifically for our students. Though the State Education Department supports will help us to attain better results, we don’t want them to replace the foundation we have built for our students. Unfortunately, we are already identified for a few items, including Chronic Absenteeism, and therefore we need to stay diligent with ensuring our kids are coming to school regularly.