photo of two students with their maglev vehicle on a table

Students designed vehicles supported by magnetic repulsion and propelled by wind as part of the MAGLEV challenge

Students in 8th grade were presented with the MAGLEV Challenge. This is a transportation systems challenge in which students design a vehicle that is supported by magnetic repulsion and propelled by wind. Students raced their vehicles at the project’s conclusion to see how their designs fared against their peers. They worked on different parts of the project in each of their core classes which included researching, problem solving, writing, mathematics, and science. Students worked over a week’s time. At the end of the week students saw and understood that what they were learning in their individual classes all impacted and related to their final product. Project based learning allows students to work together on complex issues, challenges or problems over an extended period while using their core classes. Students presented their final projects to the school community and families were invited to attend and watch the final race.

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