full castOn November 25, Berlin Elementary students attended a special performance of Honk Jr. at the Middle-High School auditorium.

Berlin middle school students under the direction of Mrs. Eliashuk and Mrs. Gould treated the students of BES to an exciting performance.  It was very engaging and the elementary audience responded positively to the performance’s underlining messages of anti-bullying and inclusion.

After the performance 4th and 5th grade students from BES stayed for a “talk back” with Honk Jr. cast and crew members hosted by Mrs. Eliashuk. This was an opportunity for a panel discussion with the cast, crew and directors.

Students dressed in costumesThe cast and crew asked the 4th and 5th grade students to reflect on the messages they gathered from the performance. They also gave tips and tools on how to prevent bullying and help if you know about someone who is being bullied.

The second half of the “talk back” was about being part of the middle school cast and crew. This was directed towards the 5th graders in the audience however with over 50 members in the current BES drama club, students in both 4th and 5th grade were eager to learn more. This was proof that the performing arts are going strong and have a bright future at Berlin Central School.

BES students watching playThank you to the Mrs. Eliashuk, Mrs. Gould and the cast and crew of Honk Jr. for providing such a wonderful and memorable performance for the elementary school. See more photos here.