Students at assembly Berlin Elementary held their monthly Character Education Assembly on November 8. November’s character trait is gratitude. Students Aidan Dus, Arianna Thorsey, Dederick Bolt, Summer Levin, Jasmyne Daury and Emmett Smerdon, from the fourth grade, presented the meaning of the month’s character trait and ways in which it can be demonstrated.The presenters then asked students in the audience to share their definitions of gratitude and the different ways in which they feel it can be expressed.

Mountaineer merits winners were drawn and the Mountain Guide and Climber awards were announced. You can find the list of winners below.

At the end of the assembly the Mystery Prize was revealed, this month it was for the most respectful class during the assembly. This month’s Mystery Prize winner was Mrs. Ruebel’s 2nd grade class. Congratulations! students during assembly

November Awards

Intramural Sportsmanship Award
Tyler Webster

Merit Winners Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Charlie Sausville, Chance Burdick, Quinn Miller, Otis Corbett, Ryker Piche

Merit Winners 3rd-5th Grade
Jack Hart, Christopher Goyer, Aaliyah Byas, Clair Schaaphok, Jsai Murdaugh

Mountain Guides Jesse Cummings & Madeline Clark
Mountain Climber Garrett Dwyer

1st Grade
Mountain Guide Jocelyn Webster
Mountain Climbers Otis Corbett and Quinn Miller

2nd Grade
Mountain Guide Dannie Young
Mountain Climbers Kyle Sweener Mason MacNaughton

3rd Grade
Mountain Guides Liam Killeen and Lucas Demers
Mountain Climbers Mia MacMillen

4th Grade
Mountain Guides Louis Gardell and Tyler Webster
Mountain Climber David Malcolm

5th Grade
Mountain Guides Julia Schoeffel and Grace Pelletier, Cale Maxon

See more photos of award winners here.

PE students of the monthPE Students of the Month:
Kindergarten- Aidan Kelly and Reagan Casey
First Grade- Charlie Sausville and Erin Stott
Second Grade- Natalie Soroka and Trent Hastings
Third Grade- Owen Mendoza and Rachel Smith
Fourth Grade- Hunter Gryn and Lydia Morgan
Fifth Grade- Allie Manchester and Ethan Chesnut (missing from picture)