Reopening Our Schools

To find the latest information about school reopening, please use the links below. Berlin CSD's top priorities are the health and safety of our students and staff and the academic and social emotional needs of our students.

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The High School Awards Ceremony was held June 17th. Congratulations to all the students on their achievement!

Triple “C” Award-Haley Chaykowski – Jewett and Kyle Fiske.
The BlueShield Scholar’s Award – Brooke deShane
Elmer A Grogan Award – Jenna Brazie
Service in Action Award- Craig Bortnick and Greta Hermann
Beth-Anne Steele ‘86 Scholarship – Brooke deShane
Booster Club Awards – Haley Chaykowski-Jewett and Cayla Hungerford

Perfect Attendance Awards –
Grade 9: Sophie Ericson Micayla Price
Grade 10: Bridget Hermann
Grade 11: Colby Brundige Brandon Rifenburg
Grade 12: Carly Church, Adison Colin, Hayden Crandall, Brooke deShane and Cayla Hungerford

Questar III Rensselaer Educational Center awards for outstanding work in a CTE or New Visions program:

Achievement Awards: Angelina Goyer, Certified Nursing Assistant
Katelynn Keeler, Information Technology I
Craftsmanship Awards were received by: Tapanga Batchelder, Hospitality & Lodging
Joseph Canam, Automotive Technology I
Brion Daby, Information Technology II
National Technical Honor Society Inductees: Carly Church, CNA
Brooke deShane, CNA
Angelina Goyer, CNA
Katelynn Keeler, Information Technology I
Jillian Mills, CNA
Two-year member of NTHS:Brion Daby
Voice of Democracy Award:Kylieann Krause
NYS Capital District Society of Women Engineers: Selena Bierwirth, Makenna Jansen
Elmira Key Award:Collin Douglas, Flavia Muller
Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award:Heather Hughes
University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology: Roman Kane
Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: Jackson Flowers
George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Cody Hunt
University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award: Heather Hughes
Student Sage Recognition Award: Selena Bierwirth, Connor Votra
Clarkson Leadership:Makenna Jansen
Clarkson Achievement Awards: Cody Hunt

Seniors with a GPA of 84.5 Honors Tassels:
Craig Bortnick, Jenna Brazie, Haley Chaykowski-Jewett, Adison Colin, Hayden Crandall, Mackenzie Dawes, Melanie deLaurentis, Brooke deShane, Conner Douglas, Erin Goodermote, Franki Farano, Kyle Fiske, Greta Hermann, Haley Hicks, Connor Hing, Cayla Hungerford, Katheryn Matson and Madison Scott

National Honor Society Awards:Craig Bortnick, Jenna Brazie, Haley Chaykowski-Jewett, Adison Colin, Hayden Crandall ,Mackenzie Dawes, Melanie deLaurentis, Brooke deShane, Erin Goodermote, Kyle Fiske, Greta Hermann, Conner Hing, Cayla Hungerford, Katheryn Matson and Madison Scott

Department Key Awards Outstanding Performance and Academic Excellence

Art Department Key Outstanding Performance: Franki Farano
Academic Excellence:Haley Chaykowski-Jewett
Art Historian of the Year: Haley Chaykowski-Jewett

Joey Sweener Award: Mckenzie Bellard

English Department Key Outstanding Performance: Haley Hicks
Academic Excellence: Franki Farano

Math Department Key Outstanding Performance: Melanie deLaurentis and Greta Hermann
Academic Excellence:Jackson Flowers

Music Department Key Outstanding Performance: Christina Reger
Academic Excellence: Greta Hermann, John Phillip Sousa Music Award: Erin Goodermote

Patrick S. Gilmore Award: Kyle Fiske

Physical Education Department Key Outstanding Performance: Craig Bortnick, Brooke deShane
Most Outstanding Female Athlete: Cayla Hungerford
Most Outstanding Male Athlete: Kasey Billert

The Gabe Duffy Award: Carly Church

Science Department Key Outstanding Performance:Connor Hing
Academic Excellence:Greta Hermann

Envirothon Team:  Matt Brown, Melanie DeLaurentis, Greta Hermann, Cayla Hungerford, Jordan Shupe, Nikifor Popov, Lauren Meyer, Sophie Ericson, Peyton Labonte and Jesse Cameron

Master Minds MVP: Jackson Flowers

Excellence in Physics: Cole Roberts

The Spirit of Science: Adison Colin and Cayla Hungerford

NYS Science Honor Society: Craig Bortnick, Adison Colin, Hayden Crandall, Mackenzie Dawes, Melanie deLaurentis, Brooke deShane, Kyle Fiske, Erin Goodermote, Greta Hermann, Connor Hing,  Cayla Hungerford and Madison Scott

Social Studies Department Key Outstanding Performance: Adison Colin
Academic Excellence: Hayden Crandall

Spanish Department Key Outstanding Performance: Flavia Muller
Academic Excellence: Bridget Hermann
Spanish Award for outstanding peer teacher: Gabe Colin

Technology Department Key Academic Excellence: Melanie deLaurentis

The Burt Swersey Change the World Award: Kaley Culbertson

DAR Citizenship Award Program: Hayden Crandall

Scholars’ Recognition Program: Greta Hermann

Knights of Pythias Achievement Award: Samantha Moore

New York State Comptroller Student Achievement Awards: Greta Hermann and Cayla Hungerford

School Systems Federal Credit Union Community Service Award: Melanie deLaurentis

The American Red Cross Life Share High School Scholarship: Hayden Crandall

NYS Education Department $500 Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Adison Colin and  Greta Hermann

NYS Education Department $1,500 Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Melanie deLaurentis

Thomas Conklin Memorial Award: Hayden Crandall and   Connor Douglas

2019 Salutatorian Award: Hayden Crandall

2019 Valedictorian Award: Greta Hermann