stuents votingBerlin Middle-High School students were given the opportunity to decide on how specific funds would be spent within the school. The students were asked through a survey what they would like added to their school using a budget of $2,000.

After three sessions of students pouring over the schoolwide survey the top four suggestions were voted on during lunch periods on June 12.

Thank you to all who came out and voted! The results are in!

The school store won with 89 total student votes. The water bottle fountain came in second by just one vote with a total of 88, the courtyard improvements had 24 votes and the school garden came in last with 12 votes.

Ms. Amy Donohue organized the surveys and the election and looks forward to doing it again next year so, please start gathering your ideas on what you would like to see added to your school.

Thank you to Mrs. Annette Bell and Mrs. Eileen Roder’s student’s Shawn Tripepi, Tyler Beaudry, Ben Doyle and Silas Nieves. They created wonderful presentations of the voting options, made the voting booths and worked the polls on voting day.  Thank you also to Jenna Brazie and Colby Brundige for volunteering their time as well to help with election.

A school store is coming to the Berlin Middle-High School this fall!


stuents voting