Self-control is the character trait of the month at BES. Principal Kent opened the monthly assembly by talking to students about what self-control means and how and when to use it.

“Self-control is when I am in charge of what I do and say,” explained Principal Kent during the April assembly at Berlin Elementary.

Principal Kent’s lesson on self-control was followed by school counselor Ms. McCabe. She talked to students about how they can make good choices on the playground and discussed how self-control can be part of those good choices.

Lilly Meyers, Taylor Morse and Asia Mabee performed a skit for students during BES’s April assembly. The skit was about how to use self control on the playground.

Lilly Meyers, Taylor Morse and Asia Mabee performed a skit for students during BES’s April assembly.

Spring state assessments began this week at BES. Mr. Dobbins helped calm any nerves and gave students some helpful information and tips about preparing for the assessments. He also discussed why assessments are important and provided some great tips to use during assessments.

Eating a good breakfast was one of the preparation tips and BES will be providing free ones to all students on the mornings of the assessments. For more tips click on this link for a short video

Thank you to Ms. Hansen and her kindergarten cheerleaders for the Smarties cheer to encourage the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students during assessment week.

Monthly awards were handed out at the assembly as well. The Golden Spoon Award for the class with outstanding lunchroom performance for the month went to Ms. Heinrich’s and Mrs. Henry’s 1st grade class. The Golden Whistle Award for doing great during recess went to Mrs. Mason’s kindergarten class. Congratulations!

Gabriella Colangione (4th) was the recipient of this month’s Sportsmanship Award for Intramurals.

Mr. Sauer presented this month’s Sportsmanship Award for Intramurals to Gabriella Colangione. Congratulations Gabriella!

This month’s Mountaineer Merit recipients were Greenly Goyer (2nd), Greyson Sorbella (1st),  Kyle Sweener(1st), Isabelle Swartz (K), Damien Hoffman (2nd), Aiden Gates (3rd), Logan Lenyk (3rd), Lydia Morgan (3rd), Amelia Faulkner (4th), and Journey Sniger (4th).

The Mountain Climbers this month are Otis Corbett (K), Allie Andrew (K), James Forrest, Serenity Bond (1st), Sean Soroka (2nd), Christopher Goyer (2nd), Jayden MacMillen (2nd), Ashley Harrison (3rd),Madison Bombardier (3rd), and  Anthony Wood (4th)

The Mountain Guides for the month are Addison Niegoda (K), MaKayla Schongar (1st), Claire Schaaphok (3rd), Liah Goewey (4th), Grace Pelletier (4th), Carley Ploof (5th), Valentina Popov (5th), and Erika Yerdon (5th).