students at assemblyOn February 26, Berlin Elementary School students participated in an assembly where they learned about the Ronald McDonald House and the Read for Ronald McDonald House Community Service Project.

Students are being challenged to read as many minutes as they can in the month of March, to help seriously ill children and their families. It’s all part of the Read for Ronald McDonald House Program, which raises funds to support the Albany Ronald McDonald House. By combining reading with community service, the program enables students to take an active role in helping other children, while also enjoying the benefits of increasing their reading efforts.

Students wishing to participate will be asking family and friends to sponsor their reading for the month of March with pledges of either a flat amount for all reading accomplished during the month, or any amount of money they decide per minute read during the month. Students will keep track of the number of minutes they read on their March reading logs. At the end of the month, students will collect their donations from their sponsors and return the donations to school. In May, two student representatives will attend the Awards of Excellence Celebration at the Albany Ronald McDonald House.students at assembly

You can learn more about the Albany Ronald McDonald House by visiting