Dog at assemblyThe character education theme for the month of December is Compassion. As a way to support this theme, we are asking BES families to join the first-grade classes in collecting supplies for cats and dogs in need. If you would like to donate something, please bring it to the first-grade classroom (Room 102) or drop off to the main lobby in BES. All your generous donations will be delivered to The Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society in Menands on Christmas Eve.


Properly sheltering and caring for animals requires a large range of equipment and supplies.
All donations are greatly appreciated.

Paper towels
Canned/Wet Cat food
Kitten Milk Replacement
Peanut Butter
Cat Litter
Postage Stamps
Kongs (large or extra-large)
Dog Treats (small or soft training treats)
Rawhides for Dogs
Kitchen Scales – (for foster kittens)
Copy Papers
Canned/wet Dog Food
Redeemable Bottles and Cans
Wee Wee Pads
Dog Toys
Plastic Cat Toys
Swiffer Sheets
Cardboard Shoeboxes
Kuranda Dog Beds
Cat Beds
Blankets -smaller thinner (such as receiving blankets)
Liquid Hand Soap
Toilet paper
Pooper Scoopers for Dogs (long-handed metal)
Large Spray Bottles
Small Animal Bedding (shavings, straw or paper)