Dear Berlin Parents and Guardians,

Why are we getting this early snow? I have a feeling it will get worse when winter actually arrives! This winter will certainly play havoc with our school calendar in the spring season. After looking at several long-range predictions and considering our geographic location and terrain, we will likely use more than the allotted 7 snow days.

As always, our BSCD staff is committed to the safety and security of your children. It is better to be safe and have schools closed during these snow storms and potentially treacherous road conditions. With this in mind . . .

If we use more than the allocated days (only 4 remain) the spring vacation days will be used as mandatory student attendance days in this order: 1) Friday, April 26th, 2) Thursday, April 25th, 3) Wednesday, April 24th.

Although it is difficult to predict actual weather events that are months away, please adjust or plan your spring vacation accordingly. We rely on your support to ensure your children attend on these mandatory student attendance days. According to regulations, NYSED and BCSD consider unapproved vacations as unexcused absences. I hope you understand the unusual predicament we face in the Berlin Central School District and that you will consider this planning request.

I would also like to take this time to sincerely thank our transportation, maintenance, and custodial workers and the Berlin Administrative team for the great job they performed during the last snow event. Please thank them when you see them. Let’s hope the winter is not as bad as the predictions!


Stephen Young, PhD
Dr. Stephen Young Superintendent of Schools Berlin Central School District

November Parent Vacation Letter 2018-19