The fourth grade students at Berlin Elementary School participated in mock Second Continental Congress debate. The debate was a culminating activity for
students after completing an in depth study of the Revolutionary War.

As part of this study, students learned about the different perspectives that colonists had during the times leading up to the war. They studied primary sources
and read nonfiction books and articles in order to understand the different perspectives of Loyalists and Patriots. Students then identified with one side, and
began to prepare for a debate on whether or not the colonies should break free from Great Britain.

In order to prepare for the debate, students learned how to state their position, give several reasons to support it, and to add specific facts to make their cases
stronger. They learned how to angle evidence to support their position and to use persuasive language in order to make their argument stronger. Last but not least,
they created mobcaps and tricorn hats to wear for the debate!

After hearing Loyalists and Patriots debate, the class voted on what they thought the colonists should do. The Patriots outnumbered the Loyalists, and they decided
to fight for independence!