Berlin InvenTeam is pleased to announce they advanced to round 3 of the TI Codes contest, sponsored by Texas Instruments. The Berlin team is one out of 10 teams to advance to the third round.

This year’s contest theme is to identify an everyday process that can be automated or optimized. The team’s design idea was for an autonomous robotic device that would identify noxious fumes and move about the Art, Chemistry or Technology classrooms to cleanse the air until the particle sensor drops below the minimum threshold.

To advance to the final round of the contest, the InvenTeam will create a video highlighting their completed project.

According to the full contest rules, video submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:
• 35% – successful functionality of the model/project
• 30% – use of TI technology
• 15% – creativity of the video
• 10% – visual appearance of the model/project
• 10% – explanation and description of the model/project

Teams advancing to the final voting round will be notified via email by Tuesday, June 5.

Team members include:
Melanie deLaurentis, Greta Hermann, Kaley Culbertson, Justin Hall Gabriel Hemendinger.