Tech Valley High School will be hosting two sessions from the Parent Network of the Capital Region on Wednesday, April 11th and on Thursday, May 3rd from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

Helping Your Child with ADHD or Learning Disabilities Improve Classwork and Homework
The April 11th training will provide an overview of skills that students with ADHD and Learning Disabilities (LD) often struggle with such as: organization, focus, time management, and task completion; skills known as executive function (EF) skills.  Participants will learn the role that EF skills play in classwork and homework performance and strategies to support the learner with EF challenges.  Common accommodations and the importance of teaching/learning EF skills will be explored. Parents will be provided with checklists, sample forms, and other useful tools and resources.

Anxiety and Depression in School Age Learners – What Should I Know? How Can I Help?
On May 3rd, representatives from the Parent Network of the Capital Region will provide information on dealing with anxiety and depression in school age learners.

Sessions are open to all parents, not just the parents of students with disabilities.  All sessions are open to TVHS parents and the general public.

Refreshments will be available for purchase as a fundraiser.

To attend the April 11th session, participants must complete the online registration by April 9, 2018.  Register here.