Berlin Technology Class receives Dyson Engineering Box

The Engineering Box is a reverse engineering kit that takes students through the design process beginning with the disassembly of a Dyson machine – they learn how a machine works by taking it apart. It contains:

  • 1 Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • 7 Dyson Carbon Fiber Turbine Heads
  • 15 Tangle-free Turbine Tools
  • 45 screwdrivers
  • Teacher’s Pack
  • Posters for the classroom

The Engineering Box and lessons are available to classrooms completely free of charge. The Engineering Box is loaned to a school for 4 weeks at a time.  The lessons in the Engineering Box are aligned to the Common Core and to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Students have set up engineering notebooks and have been keeping track of their daily progress and questions.They are using the design process to investigate ideas of improvement, their rationale, and reassemble the Carbon Fiber Turbine Head and Tangle- Free Turbine Tool.