Don’t you love to brag about the great things your kids do at the school?  Well, we do too.  In an effort to promote more of these great things, we will be sending out a new form with the first quarter report cards.  If you do not mind our using the likeness of your child (photos at events, for example) then you do not need to do anything at all with this form.  If you do NOT want us to use their likeness on the webpage or Facebook, then please sign the form and return it to the school by the end of the first week of the second marking period.  We will always do our best to protect your children’ safety, but we also want to do our best to show off their talents, intelligence and involvement with extracurricular activities.  Because we’ve redesigned the form to provide permissions to the school, we will be able to share so many more of the awesome things that make Berlin such a great place to graduate from!

These forms will also be made available on the website through the “Parents” tab at the top of the page.